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Final exam questions - • Liked Kapitoil • Disliked...

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Final exam questions Answer one question from each section Section A 1. This class was called Global literature and social Change. Your first task was to think about the meanings and connections between the various terms in the class Title. At the end of the six weeks how would you tackle the terms and relationships between the two. So, how would define Global and Global literature and its representation, impact, effect on social change. Is social change that which id depicted in the story, film, poem, novel or is it something that happens in the reader/viewer. I want you to pick AT LEAST THREE different TEXTS (any combination but they cannot ALL BE FILMS) to answer the question. You can use more than three if you want to. 2. Take you favorite text and your least favorite one from this class and give a detailed explanation as to why it was one or the other. In answering this question pay attention to content, theme, aesthetics and effect/affect.
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Unformatted text preview: • Liked: Kapitoil, • Disliked: Section B 3. Gender and nationality were key for many of the texts/films we read/watched in this class. What makes these two characteristics so significant in the way we imagine the world. Take three different texts (again they cannot all be films) and explain how and why they are important and how their significance helps shape the plot, theme, narrative point of view, and images used in each of them. In the end can you say which one is more important—gender or nationality or both and why?? • Nationality- Kapitoil, An American in New York, … • Gender- Beneath the Veil/Beauty Academy of Kabul 4. Pick three of your favorite passages /scene from any of he texts for this class (short stories, novel, coffee growing parable, poems and movies) and discuss them in detail. Explain why they are your favorite. Analyze them in terms of theme, images, etc. Again only one can be from a film....
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Final exam questions - • Liked Kapitoil • Disliked...

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