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Relationships in Chungking Express The relationships between men and women in the movie Chungking Express, by Wong Kar-Wai, are influenced by the fast-paced lifestyle of Hong Kong. Specifically it is influenced by the location at Chungking Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui, a cosmopolitan area which one of Hong Kong's most important marketable business areas, and Central, which contains the Mid-level escalators. Cop 223 is a broken hearted man seeking companionship, often times in unconventional ways. Wong Kar-Wai uses spacial orientation to show Cop 223 in two distinct unconventional relationships with two women. The first part of the movie focuses on Cop 223’s relationship with a Chinese drug dealer wearing a Marilyn Monroe wig, a full body raincoat, and dark sunglasses. In this relationship Cop 223 enjoys being in the presence of his female companion and the close proximity keeps him happy. In the second part of the movie Cop 663 has a different type of relationship with Faye. In these relationships Cop 223 and Cop 663 do not have sexually physical relationships, but have unique mental and emotional connections with each woman based on distinct interaction. As Cop 223 states at the beginning of Chungking Express , "We rub shoulders every day. We may not know each other. But we could be friends some day." This was Cop 223 first encounter with the drug dealer during a chase through a crowded alley. Describing the moment they brushed shoulders, Cop 223 says "At our closest point, we were just 0.01cm apart from each other. Fifty-five hours later, I was in love with this woman". Huang describes the thoughts of Cop 223 by stating “measurement of the distance between himself and the blonde-wigged woman he passes by reveals not only his romantic longing for reciprocity but the dramatic differences the tiniest space makes.” In the slow-motion scene, the 0.01cm is the distance that allows Cop 223 and the drug dealer to stay in their personal space, but still be separate. Fifty five
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hours later, that small distance from the near collision of space gets a totally separate connotation as the drug dealer comes into the same bar that Cop 223 is drinking at. After a long night of drinking the two strangers end up slumping against each other on the bar. The 0.01 cm that previously distanced them is now seen as the connection that intertwines them. That 0.01cm is an endless amount of possibilities of companionship or estrangement, connection or separation. Even when our two main characters meet in a bar, sharing this small space, this story is one of physical nearness, but sexual detachment. To prove the point of sexual disconnectedness, the scene where the two of them are propped up next to each other in the bar as the drug dealer ponders in a narration on the "ultimate inability to know someone, pineapples one day, something else the next" is a confusing mirror shot that disorientates the audience. The innocent night they share with each other in a random hotel room also confirms the sexual dissociation
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final draft chungking express - Relationships in Chungking...

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