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Century Tree Skit - with me I have class in 10 minutes and...

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Century Tree Skit Boy counselor walking on campus near Century Tree. Girl counselor runs up screaming right before he gets to the tree. Girl-Bryd Boy-Sean Girl2- J-dunc Boy2- Daniell Girl Counselor: NOOOOOOO!!!!!! You can’t go under that tree by yourself!!!! Guy Counselor: Why not? It’s a short cut to class… Girl Counselor: Yeah, but that’s not any tree. THAT’S THE CENTURY TREE!!!! Guy Counselor: …Okay….and why is that so important? It’s still just a tree. Girl Counselor: Okay look, I’m doing you a HUUUUUGE favor. The tradition says that if someone walks under the Century Tree alone, they are doomed to live a life alone. BUT if you walk under the tree WITH someone you’ll spend the rest of your lives together happily ever after! Guy Counselor: Ooooohhhhh, Well in that case, would you care to stroll under the tree
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Unformatted text preview: with me? I have class in 10 minutes and you look like someone I could spend forever with. Girl Counselor: No thanks. Checks planner . Yep, looks like I’m booked until the week after forever. Sorry. Boy/Girl Counselors walk off. Second come comes in with the girl dragging the guy toward the Century Tree and the guy is trying to get away. Girl2Counselor: Come on. You said we’d walk under today! Guy2Counselor: No! NOT TODAY! Breaks free and runs off stage. Girl2Counselor: YOU SAID YOU’D MARRY ME! WHY WON’T YOU MARRY ME!????!!! YOU DO LOVE ME!!!!! I KNOW YOU LOVE ME!!!! Screams, runs off stage. Girl comes back literally dragging the guy across the stage screaming!...
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