Greatest Freak Out Ever

Greatest Freak Out Ever - opens door comes back out starts...

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Greatest Freak Out Ever Brother: Ok so my mom just cancelled my brother World of Worcraft account and he is freaking out! Main Guy: Get out of my room (screaming/crying) (slams door) main guy grabs covers and starts screaming into them shaking them around and hitting his head against the bed punching the bed Main Guy: ahhh I cant belie… noo… I wanna run away…. . im gonna run away, im gonna run away and never come back. . your never gonna see me again I swear Shirt comes off steaming/breathing really hard Opens closet goes in slams door
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Unformatted text preview: opens door comes back out starts shaking hands arms and whole body intensely while screaming falls on bed slides off on to the ground goes in closet and grabs shoes Main Guy: is this what you want (hits himself multiple times with the shoe) I hate my life Main guy: I HATE MY LIFE Sits down and keeps hitting self Freaks out and starts rolling on the bed Brother(from outside): SHUT UP Main guy gets up calmy and leaves the room Brother runs in laughing to grab the camera AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...
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