Chapter 1 Review Questions

Chapter 1 Review Questions - C hapter 1 Review Questions...

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Chapter 1 Review Questions What is law? Law is an abstract term that can mean different things to different people in different situations. The most common definition of law is the collection of rules and regulations that determines how the government will treat its citizens and vice versa, and the enforcement there of. Enforcement of law leads to stability and predictability. What are the major sources of law? Which is most important? The sources of law are: Constitutional law – MOST IMPORTANT SOURCE OF LAW. Supreme law of the land. Comes from United States constitution. Legislature (Statutory Law) – congress passes laws that abide by the constitution. Congress is given ENUMERATED powers listed in the constitution. To pass laws it either has to have power from enumerated powers, necessary and proper clause, or supremacy clause. Executive – president can control the policies of the executive branch through executive orders. President also oversees executive branch agencies and appoints federal judges. Judiciary – interpret and apply the law. Common law system (stare decisis doctrine) guides them to follow previously decided cases unless thee is a good, legal reason to change (setting precedent). Courts interpret statutes (try to
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Chapter 1 Review Questions - C hapter 1 Review Questions...

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