Management Chapter 6 Outline

Management Chapter 6 Outline - Chapter 6 Review...

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Chapter 6 Review Administrative Agencies – the primary vehicles for imposing federal regulatory law on business and society. o They were created to supplement the other branches of government. The two different types are independent and executive . o Executive Agencies are a part of the executive branch and are headed by a cabinet member. Independent agencies are created by congress and given broad powers over regulation in a particular area. o They allow for congress to write laws broadly and depend on the agencies to fill in the spaces. o Administrative agencies are created from an enabling statute in which congress specifies the mission, structure, procedures and enforcement powers. o The first administrative agency was the Interstate Commerce Commission. o The two eras were specific industry and particular activities that could identify with many industries ( economy wide ). Industry Specific o Interstate Commerce Commission was first created to regulate the railroad. o Major criticism is that agencies eventually adopt the perspective of the members of the regulated industry. o Many of the members of the regulating board are often members of the industry because they have the expertise to actually regulate it. o Industry specific regulations were the predominant form of administrative regulation throughout the first half of the 20 th century. Economy Wide Regulatory Agencies o Regulate problems that are not isolated in one particular industry o FTC and NLRB are examples. o These have the greatest effect overall on the legal environment of business. o These exploded in the 1960’s and 70’s to correct economy and social problems. Constitutional Status
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o Because they are not specifically named in the constitution their constitutionality has been challenged many times. o The question is when it is okay to allow some government body other than congress to pass laws. o Supreme court upheld that delegation of rule making authority if there were specific guidelines set forth. o An agency must remain within the confines of its delegated power Different Types of Agencies o Executive Part of the executive branch and are under a cabinet member who are appointed by the president and confirmed by the senate, and can be removed for any reason (Department of Labor is lead by the Secretary of Labor) Although the president often creates them, they receive most of their power from congress in an enabling statute. o
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Management Chapter 6 Outline - Chapter 6 Review...

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