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Guest Speaker - companies.” • “We must create a...

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Guest Speaker 14:33 Entrepreneurs  5 billion dollars 3000 people 2006 Graham Weston dedicated some of his property to host 2500 refugees  started rackspace hosting Winning with Culture Avg employee (racker) is 31 years old 12 year old company went public 3 years ago Best place to work award Started with idea of renting out servers Cloud 1,000’s of computer all tied together like a power grid “instant” computing vision statement. “to be recognized as one of the world’s great service 
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Unformatted text preview: companies.” • “We must create a workplace culture where our people want to VOLUNTERR to do their best every day.” David Bryce (VP Fanatical Support) • culture and fanatical support lead you to the top Software taking over the world (virtual world) • Netflix • Cost of computing has decreased 75% in the past decade Rackspace wants • To be a valued member • Of a winning team • On an inspiring mission 14:33 14:33...
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