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APPLICATION FOR CONCENTRATION IN FINANCE Student Name: _________________________ I.D.# __________________ Mailing Address: __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Email Address: __________________________________________________ This unofficial Concentration in Finance at the University of Windsor requires successful completion of eight (8) finance courses including 72-270 and 72-271. You must also complete all of the requirements of the University of Windsor’s BCOMM degree. Students who began in Fall 2008 semester and thereafter, must achieve at least a “C” in each course of the concentration to be awarded the concentration designation. An unofficial concentration means that it does not appear on your transcript or on your diploma. Please indicate below by checking off ( ) the finance courses you have successfully completed and
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Unformatted text preview: return to secretary. ____ 72-270 Business Finance I (pre req: 70-151, & 62-194 or equivalent) ____ 72-271 Business Finance II (pre req: 73-102 & 72-270) ____ 72-371 Intermediate Finance (pre req: 72-271) ____ 72-372 Investments (formerly 72-471) (pre req 72-271) ____ 72-373 Working Capital (pre req: 72-271) ____ 72-378 Financial Markets & Institutions (formerly 72-475) (co-req 72-371) ____ 72-379 International Financial Management (formerly 72-476) (co- req 72-371) ____ 72-472 Portfolio Management (pre req: 72-371) ____ 72-474 Corporate Financial Strategy (formerly 72-374) (pre req 72-371) ____ 72-477 Derivatives & Risk Mangement (pre req: 72-371) ____ 72-478 Pension, Finance & Management (formerly 72-375) (pre req 72-371) ____ 72-479 Independent Study Once the concentration is ready you will be notified by email and have the option of pick up or mailed to address as indicated above....
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