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Assignment 1_dandacht - Managerial reputations have been...

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Tarek Dandach 102954180 Assignment #1 0360207 September 26 Part I Carling-Cup-lead-great-success.html Issue: The importance of the Carling Cup and the attention clubs give to it. Conclusion: The Carling Cup is proving to be a vital trophy and is now more important than it has ever been for the big clubs. Reasons: Manchester United’s 2006 Carling Cup win was the springboard to the most dominant period in the club’s history, winning four titles out of five and qualifying in 3 of the past 4 Champions League finals, winning in 2008. Being a winner on the podium and having the medal put around your neck is addictive. It is a moment that draws teams closer together and creates team spirit to win more. It is confidence boosting or confidence damaging, as seen with Arsenal’s final defeat last February as they’ve only won three Premier League since.
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Unformatted text preview: Managerial reputations have been made on winning the Carling Cup. Martin ONeill was one of the most wanted managers after his win with Leicester and Steve McClaren became England manager two years after his win with Middlesbrough. Part II oping_easier Ambiguity #1: The idea is being driven by law enforcement authorities The idea is in a vehicle being moved The active force behind the motion Ambiguity #2: Outlining the requirements Forming a line around the requirements Explicitly explaining the requirements Ambiguity #3: A running battle with RIM An armed conflict while running A competitive business environment Ambiguity #4: Jaikumar Vijayan covers data Jaikumar Vijayan shields the data from danger Jaikumar Vijayan is in charge of and liable for the data...
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Assignment 1_dandacht - Managerial reputations have been...

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