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Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. The operating system a computer uses is called the ____. a. platform c. kernel b. driver d. buffer ____ 2. The process called ____ sends print jobs to a buffer instead of sending them immediately to the printer. a. paging c. swapping b. spooling d. waiting ____ 3. Linux is ____ software, which means its code is available to the public for use, modification, and redistribu- tion. a. open source c. proprietary b. free source d. embedded ____ 4. Novell’s Netware is a(n) ____ operating system. a. stand-alone c. network b. open source d. embedded ____ 5. Compressed files sometimes are called ____ files. a. zapped c. reduced b. zipped d. encrypted ____ 6. Gnutella and Kazaa are examples of networking software that support _____ networking technology. a. LAN c. ring b. bus d. P2P ____ 7. Some computers and devices use the ____ specification to transmit data wirelessly to each other via infrared light waves. a. RFID c. IrDA b. WAP d. Wi-Fi ____ 8. A T3 line is equal in speed to _____ T1 lines. a. 3 c. 28 b. 5 d. 56 ____ 9. Telephone networks, the Internet, and other networks with large amounts of traffic use _____. a. DSL c. ISDN b. T1 lines d. ATM ____ 10. Physical transmission media used in communications include _____ cable. a. twisted-pair c. fiber-optic b. coaxial d. all of the above ____ 11. Database software often is called a ____. a. data file c. data dictionary b. report generator d. database management system ____ 12. Because it is used to generate information, most companies realize that _____ is one of their more valuable assets. a. database software c. redundancy b. data d. a primary key ____ 13. Data ____ determine(s) the quality of the data. a.
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DiscComp7-12Acs160sp06 - DisComp7-12A Multiple Choice...

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