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Paguirgan, Jacqueline S. HRM-3b Chicken Stock Ingredients: Chicken bones, neck and backs Boiling fowl Spice and Herb sachet Water Salt Bouquet garni or mirepoix Mise en Place: *if chicken bones are not very fresh, blanch chicken bones and fowl, starting with hot water. *wash, rinse, sanitized, peel and combine vegetables for bouquet garni or mirepoix. *make a sachet bag consisting of bay leaves, cloves, peppercorns and thyme. Method: *Add cold water o blanched bones and fowl. *Bring to a slow boil (simmer) *Add salt and skim frequently. *Simmer in 45 minutes and add sachet bag and bouquet garni or mirepoix. *Continue simmering and frequently skimming for approx, another hour. *strain carefully through a cheesecloth.
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Tomato Sauce Ingredients: Tomatoes Sachet bag Matignon Butter Garlic, crushed Tomato paste or puree White wheat flour White veal or chicken stock Crystal sugar Salt and Pepper Mise en Place: *wash, rinse and sanitize all vegetables. *cut vegetables for matignon. *crush garlic. *blanch tomatoes. *peel tomatoes, remove seeds and cut into concasse. *make a sachet bag consisting of basil, thyme and crushed peppercorns. Method: *Heat butter in a sauce pan and sauté matignon.
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