Participant C invariant constituents

Participant C invariant constituents - 2 CIC16 He plays...

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Code of Invariant Constituents Invariant Constituents Code of Reference in Horizonalization Number of Reference in Horizonalization CIC1 Bring to the doctor CH1, CH31, CH32 3 CIC2 Using herbal to put it in the body part CH2, CH3 2 CIC3 Using ashes CH4 1 CIC4 Concern to our father CH5 1 CIC5 Offering CH6, CH7, CH8 3 CIC6 We went to our father CH9, CH14 2 CIC7 Giving what he wants CH10, CH15, CH16, CH18 4 CIC8 Love to our father CH11, CH29 2 CIC9 Bathing him CH2, CH3 2 CIC10 Giving him a total care CH17 1 CIC11 His wishes to us CH19, CH20, CH21, CH22, CH25, CH84, CH85 7 CIC12 Love of our father CH23, CH34, CH43 3 CIC13 His happy CH24, CH40, CH74 3 CIC14 Not to experience difficulties in life CH26, CH27, CH28 3 CIC15 You might not sleep early CH33, CH38
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Unformatted text preview: 2 CIC16 He plays with the children CH35 1 CIC17 No feeling of bitterness CH36, CH37, CH75 3 CIC18 A ritual for month or years CH41, CH44 2 CIC19 “Medico”, “anito”, Spirit Medium CH42, CH45, CH46, CH47, CH48, CH49, CH50, CH51, CH52, CH53, CH54, CH55, CH56, CH57, CH59, CH60, CH62, CH63, CH64, CH65, CH66, CH67, CH68, CH69, CH70, CH71, CH76, CH77, CH78, CH79, CH80 31 CIC20 Praying CH61 1 CIC21 feel weak when I see my sibling CH81 1 CIC22 I took care his left child CH83 1 CIC23 I give care to my children CH86, CH87, CH91, CH94 4 CIC24 Painful CH88, CH89, CH90, CH92 4 CIC25 They are still here with us CH93, CH95 2...
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