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Textural-Structural Description Eleven themes or cluster of meanings were derived from her experiences: 1. CARING WITH COMPASSION: Nurtured Out Of Love 2. METAPHYSICAL SENSE: An Aid From The Supernatural 3. TOWARDS RECOVERY: To Mend One’s Body 4. A DYING’S HEART: Love Shared Before Passing Away 5. GENUINE CONCERN: A Constant Remembering 6. THE DEPARTED’S WILL: Wishes Of The Dying 7. HEART OF GRIEVING: A Stir Of Emotions 8. CLOSE ENCOUNTER: A Feeling Of Connectedness 9. Obedience??? 10. COMMEMORATIVE OBSERVANCE: A Tinge Of Solemnity 11. AFTERLIFE FACADE: A World Beyond Death CARING WITH COMPASSION: Nurtured Out Of Love Participant E compassionately cared for his father as he nurtured him with love and given him tremendous focus when his father was ill. They did not take him for granted when he had renal problem until his last breath. This is proven by her statement, “Ang masasabi ko lang siguro ‘yung sa mapayapang kamatayan ng tatay ko ‘yung nagkasakit ‘yan, naibigay namin ‘yung pag-aalaga sa kanya.” Participant E desired to provide the best care for her father. Even if she knew that his father was soon dying, she wants him to die peacefully by taking care of her father with all her might and to accomplish the possible ways of care she could endowed with him. She said, “ ‘yung kahit papaano kahit wala na siya sa amin, naano naming mapayapa dahil dun sa nakita naman niya kung paano namin siya inalagaan.” She also mentioned that she and her family did not forsake their head of the family even in the peak of his illness. This was her statement, “kasi hindi naman namin siya pinabayaan nung nasa ano siya ng karamdaman niya.”
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With the great motivation to take care of his sick father, Participant E verbalized, “‘yung mga gusto niyang pagkain,” and “ ‘yung gusto niyang pagkain binigay namin sa kanya.” This signifies a true compassionate care rendered to his father so that he could eat foods that he loved to eat. Through these actions, she was able to give her best in showing love and care for his father. METAPHYSICAL SENSE: An Aid From the Supernatural When the participant’s father died, they had a wake or a funeral for him and they buried him in the cemetery. She said that their family asked the help of the pastor to bless his father’s soul and body, “nagprapray naman siya eh nung ano siya eh nung tapos nung inanu namin, inanu namin ‘yung nakaburol na siya, pinaanu namin sa pastor, pinabasbasan namin siya.” Participant E mentioned that even when his father passed away already, she and her
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Textural-Structural - Textural-Structural Description...

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