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chap6a hayt

chap6a hayt - Chapter6 — Odd-Numbered 6.1 Construct a...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter6 — Odd-Numbered 6.1 Construct a curvilinear square map for a coaxial capacitor of 3—cm inner radius and 8—cm outer radius. These dimensions are suitable for the drawing. a) Use your sketch to calculate the capacitance per meter length7 assuming ER = 1: The sketch is shown below. Note that only a 9° sector was drawn, since this would then be duplicated 40 times around the circumference to complete the drawing. The capacitance is thus NQ 40 C i 60m = so? = 59 pF/m b) Calculate an exact value for the capacitance per unit length: This will be 271'60 C : 1n(8/3) =57 pF/m $0 66 ...
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