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Right or Privilege to Work - U.S History II Persuasive...

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U.S. History II Persuasive Essay #1 Presented to : Lora Damiah Wigfall 9/27/2011
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Is Having a Job a Right or Privelege? Should the Federal Government Interfere to Create Jobs and Regulate the Workplace? This paper will argue that having a job is a right that all Americans as well as any human beings should have. In this paper it will be demonstrated how having a job is a survival mechanism for many people. It will be discussed how people have to work in order to maintain a living and take care of their family. If it was a privilege for people to work then they would have to earn that privilege and that could be a recipe for disaster. What would happen to the people who did not earn the privilege and could not get a job? What would this world be like? Having a job should be a right and not a privilege. There are many people who need jobs in order to support their family. If they had to earn the right to work and did not earn this right then they would not be able to take care of their family.
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