LSI Results Paper - LSI Results Written By: Miasauma V....

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LSI Results Written By: Miasauma V. Wigfall 8 Crickett Ln Randolph, MA 02368 Organizational Behavior Presented to: Professor Sharolyn Hergott Due: Week 2 (July 17, 2011)
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After reviewing my LSI results I saw that I scored high in Constructive Styles sections. I scored in the 90 th percentile for achievement, 95 th percentile for self-actualizing, 75 th percentile for humanistic- encouraging and 93 rd percentile for affiliative. According to this section, I think in the highest form of personal fulfillment. According the chart people with a high score in self-actualizing have a strong interest in working to become everything they are capable of being. They have a healthy sense of self-worth, a strong curiosity about people and things, and an acute awareness of both their own and others' feelings. It is so funny, because everything described in this section is me all the way. From the time that I can remember, I always worked hard and always said that I was going to be the best person that I could be. I do whatever I can to help others and am always willing to go above and beyond to make help someone out. I always have a major concern for self development and on a daily basis I think about what I can do to be a better person. What changes I can make in my life to bring me closer to my goals? I have very strong instincts and intuition and I try to follow my first instinct, because, a lot of the time my first instinct is the best one. This is not always, but like I said, a lot of the time. I try to stay away from guilt and worries because it makes you grow old quick. As a manager I am open-minded and like to see the glass half full. I look at possibilities as opportunities and go for it. The sky is the limit and I make sure to instill this in all of my employees. I make sure that everyone works as a team and this is discussed at all meetings. My score for the humanistic encouraging style was 75.
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LSI Results Paper - LSI Results Written By: Miasauma V....

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