5a - Your Results The correct answer for each question is...

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Your Results: The correct answer for each question is indicated by a . 1 INCORRECT Evaluating a company's resource capabilities, relative cost position, and competitive strength relative to rivals does not include developing answers to which one of the following questions? A) How good is the company's value chain? B) Is the company competitively stronger or weaker than key rivals? C) What are the company's resource strengths and weaknesses and its external opportunities and threats? D) Are the company's prices and costs competitive? E) What strategic issues and problems merit front-burner managerial attention? 2 CORRECT Which one of the following is not a good indicator of how well a company's present strategy is working? A) Whether it is achieving its stated financial and strategic objectives B) Whether it is an above-average industry performer C) Whether the firm's sales and earnings are increasing or decreasing D) Whether the company's resource strengths and competitive capabilities outnumber its resource weaknesses and competitive vulnerabilities E) The rate at which new customers are acquired and whether the company's overall financial strength is improving or on the decline 3 INCORRECT SWOT analysis A) provides a good overview of whether a company's situation is fundamentally healthy or unhealthy. B) is a tool for benchmarking whether a firm's strategy is closely matched to industry key success factors. C) reveals whether a company is competitively stronger than its closest rivals. D) examines the company's cost position activity by activity. E) is a competitive intelligence tool that discloses rivals' key weaknesses. 4 CORRECT Which one of the following groups of characteristics is least likely to represent company resource strengths, competitive capabilities, or competencies? A) Physical assets such as state-of-the-art plants, attractive real estate locations, and worldwide distribution facilities
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B) More plants than rivals, more employees than rivals, being in business more years than rivals, and smaller capital investment expenditures than rivals C) Valuable intangible assets such as a well-known brand name D) Strong collaborative partnerships with key suppliers and an experienced and capable workforce E) Valuable organizational assets such as proven quality control skills or proprietary technology 5 INCORRECT A company resource weakness or competitive deficiency A) is something a company lacks or does poorly (in comparison to rivals) or a condition that puts it at a disadvantage in the marketplace. B)
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5a - Your Results The correct answer for each question is...

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