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chapter 10a

chapter 10a - Your Results The correct answer for each...

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Your Results: The correct answer for each question is indicated by a . 1 INCORRECT Which one of the following statements falsely characterizes the managerial task of executing strategy? A) Executing strategy requires team effort and is a job for a company's whole management team—indeed, the bigger the organization or the more geographically scattered its operating units, the more that successful strategy execution depends of the cooperation and implementing skills of operating managers who can push the needed changes at the lowest organizational levels and, in the process, deliver good results. B) Strategy execution requires every manager to think through the answer to "What does my area have to do to implement its part of the strategic plan, and what should I do to get these things accomplished effectively and efficiently?" C) Implementing and executing strategy is primarily an operations- driven activity revolving around the management of people and business processes. D) Successful strategy execution depends on doing a good job of building and strengthening competitive capabilities, motivating and rewarding people in a strategy-supportive manner, and instilling a discipline of getting things done. E) Crafting strategy is a harder, more complex, and more time- consuming task than is directing and supervising the task of good strategy execution. 2 INCORRECT Management's handling of the strategy implementation/execution process can be considered successful A) so long as a company is profitable. B) if and when the company meets or beats its performance targets and shows good progress in achieving its strategic vision for the company. C) once the company's management team convinces a majority of company personnel that the company is headed in the right direction. D) if management is able to put the strategy in place within 6 months. E) once a capable top management team has been hired, employees have been appropriately empowered, and effective training programs for company personnel have been put in place. 3 CORRECT Which of the following is not one of the principal managerial components associated with implementing and executing strategy? A) Building an organization with the competencies, capabilities, and
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resource strengths needed to carry out the strategy successfully. B) Ensuring that policies and procedures facilitate rather than impede strategy execution C) Reducing the layers of management to a bare minimum and making sure employees are empowered D) Adopting best practices and pushing for continuous improvement in how value chain activities are performed E) Instilling a corporate culture that promotes good strategy execution 4 INCORRECT The three organization-building actions paramount in the task of trying to execute a company's strategy are A) delegating authority to down-the-line managers and doing a good job of empowering employees, deciding which value chain activities to outsource, and choosing an organization chart that suits the strategy. B)
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chapter 10a - Your Results The correct answer for each...

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