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Question Pool: Strategic Management, 12e (Thompson) Chapter 11 1. Once company managers have decided on a strategy, the task is to a. convert the strategic plan into action and exert the leadership to get on with what needs to be done to achieve the vision and targeted results. b. empower employees to revise and reorganize value chain activities to match the strategy and determine which core competencies and competitive capabilities to build into the organization structure. c. ensure that strategy is adjusted in ways that avoid conflicts with established policies and procedures. d. develop a detailed implementation plan that set forth what every department and every manager needs to do to promote better execution of the company's strategy. e. All of these. 2. 3. What makes the managerial task of strategy implementation and execution so challenging and demanding is a. the wide sweep of managerial activities that have to be attended to and the many ways managers can proceed in tackling each strategy- implementing activity. b. the demanding people-management skills required. c. the resistance to change that has to be overcome and the number of bedeviling issues that must be worked out. d. the perseverance it takes to get a variety of initiatives launched and kept moving along. e. All of these. 4. 5. Whereas crafting strategy is largely a market-driven entrepreneurial activity, implementing strategy a. is primarily an operations-driven activity revolving around the management of people and business processes. b. involves building and strengthening organizational resources, competencies and competitive capabilities. c. is an action-oriented make-things-happen task. d. tests a manager's ability to lead and direct organizational change, achieve continuous improvement in business processes, create a strategy- supportive corporate culture, and meet or beat performance targets. e. All of these. 6. 7. Getting an organization to implement and execute a new strategy a. calls for essentially the same kinds of creative management talent and innovative thinking as does crafting strategy.
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b. presents essentially the same kinds of management challenges from strategy to strategy, organization to organization, and industry to industry. c. is a job for a company's whole management team, not just a few select executives at the top. d. depends heavily on the caliber of a CEO's business vision, industry and competitive analysis skills, and entrepreneurial creativity. e. tends to be a simpler, quicker management task to perform as compared to crafting a winning strategy. 8. 9. Management's handling of the strategy implementation process can be considered successful a. when the internal organization structure ends up being well-matched to the requirements of successful strategy execution. b.
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chapter 11b page out - Question Pool: Strategic Management,...

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