chapter 12a

chapter 12a - Your Results The correct answer for each...

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Your Results: The correct answer for each question is indicated by a . 1 CORRECT Which one of the following is not something that shapes and helps define a company's culture? A) The core values and business principles that executives espouse together with the operating practices and behaviors that define "how we do things around here" B) The company's standards of what is ethically acceptable and what is not, along with the legends and stories that people repeat to illustrate and reinforce the company's core values, traditions, and business practices C) A company's approach to people management and its style of operating D) The strategy and business model that the company has adopted E) The "chemistry" and "personality" that permeates its work environment 2 INCORRECT Which one of the following is not something to look for in identifying a company's culture? A) The company's approach to people management and the official policies, procedures, and operating practices that paint the white lines for the behavior of company personnel B) The company's track record in meeting or beating its financial and strategic performance targets C) How managers and employees interact and relate to each other D) The spirit and character that pervades the work climate E) The strength of peer pressures to do things in particular ways and conform to expected norms 3 INCORRECT Once a company's culture becomes ingrained, then the culture can be perpetuated by A) establishing a code of ethics and encouraging company personnel to practice the advocated ethical standards in conducting company operations. B) deliberately avoiding diversification or acquisition so as not to upset the internal cultural balance or risk a cultural clash with a newly- acquired company. C) continuing with the same organization structure. D) continuity of long-term direction and top management leadership. E) carefully screening and selecting new employees according to how well their values, attitudes, and personality fit the culture; systematic indoctrination of new members in the culture's fundamentals;
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frequent reiteration of core values by senior managers and group members; and regular ceremonies honoring members who display desired cultural behaviors. 4 INCORRECT Companies with multinational operations or that have recently made new acquisitions typically have A) unhealthy cultures. B) multiple cultures or subcultures. C) weak cultures. D) adaptive cultures. E) unstable cultures. 5 INCORRECT The characteristics of a strong culture company include all but which one of the following? A) Deeply rooted values and operating approaches that "regulate" the conduct of a company's business and the climate of its workplace B) A strong managerial commitment to conducting the company's business according to established traditions C) Top executives with high ethical standards and personal integrity D) Using core values and ingrained business principles as guides in making decisions E) Frequent and dedicated efforts on the part of management to
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chapter 12a - Your Results The correct answer for each...

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