Bio 111 - Dr Ron Zimmerman Dr John Inman Bio quiz 1 1...

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Dr. Ron Zimmerman Dr. John Inman Bio quiz 1 1. neutrons 2.neutrons 3. electrons 4. false 5. all of the above Notes I 8/26/09 Chapter 1 Cell Theory - all organisms are composed of cells and the cell arise from preexisting cells Evolution Theory - organisms arose from common ancestor, changing through adaptation Gene Theory - properties of an organism are determined from genes that are found on the DNA (chrmosomes) Structure/function - as in "structure determines function" Bonding ionic bond covalent bond- share electron, strongest bond hydrogen bond hydrophobic bond Bio quiz 2 a a a e a Isotopes- Atoms f the same element that differ in the number of neutrons. Difference in mass. Ex. C-12, C-13, C-14 Useful in medical treatments: Iodine radioactivity. Compounds- bonding of two or more atoms of different atoms molecule- bonding of two or more atoms of the same element Electronegativity O 3.5 N 3 C 2.5 H 2.1 Polar covalent-unequal sharing
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Non-polar covalent- equal sharing Water and it's Chemistry H slight positive O slight negative Hydrogen Bonding between water molecules Hydrogen bonds accur with water molecules and organic molecules Cohesion/Adhesion Great solvent due to polarity High specific heat (high capacity)- because of this water takes a lot more energy to heat up and retains it's heat after heat source is gone. amount of heat to change 1g by 1 degree Celsius High heat of vaporization Waters density decreases as it freezes due to hydrogen bonding Water ionization- H2O= +H (+) -OH Mole- the amount of a compound(g) equivalent to it's molecular weight Hydrogen ion concentration= Acid rain- CO2 + H2O = H2CO3 coal burning-SO2 Pages= 37-45 TEST 2 Notes Cytoskeleton-smallest to largest Actin Helps entire cell or parts to move muscle contraction Help stabilize cell shape cell division microvili- dynamic, flexible Intermediate fibers Long lasting, Durable karatin ex. hair, fingernails, hooves Microtubes hollow alpha and beta subunits of. ..... Ex. red blood cells are shaped like filled donuts because that is the necessary shape
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Bio 111 - Dr Ron Zimmerman Dr John Inman Bio quiz 1 1...

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