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Atyant Mulayam - Aadmi Bhejo = Send Mail Daak = Mail...

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Atyant Mulayam = Microsoft  Khidki = Window  Phaail = File  Bachao = Save  Aise Bachao = Save as  Subko Bachao = Save All  Mujhe Bachao = Help  Madad Pe Madad = Help On Help  Dhoondo = Find  Firse Dhoondo = Find Again  Hilao = Move  Chaara = Options  Bura sandesh yaa phaail naam = Bad command  or file name  Garbh girao, Firse koshish karo, Naakaamyab =  Abort, retry, fail  chhavo = Tile 
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Unformatted text preview: Aadmi Bhejo = Send Mail Daak = Mail Daakiya = Mailer Bhaago = Run Chhaapo = Print Dekh Ke Chhaapo = Print Preview Chipkao = Paste Khaas Chipkao = Paste Special Mitao = Delete Kagaz Uper = Page Up Kagaz Neeche = Page Down Anth = End Saaf karo = Clear Sab Kuch Saaf Karo = Clear All Ghar = Home Topi Ka Tala = CapsLock Hathiyaar = Tools...
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