We we want to understand whats going on here physics

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Unformatted text preview: ulb glows but after a little start up time, stays at a constant brightness. We We want to understand what’s going on here. Physics 122 Electrical Current This This effect will involve large amounts of charge particles moving together. This motion of charges is called electrical current. Need Need to quantify the motion of charges Usually Usually we’ll be concerned with charges moving inside a material – Need to understand how that works Physics 122 Dr. Nick Cummings 2 Physics 142 7/26/2011 Moving Charges in a Neutral Conductor What What happens if we arrange charges to put an electric force on a neutral conductor? – Positive ions are fixed in a lattice – Some negative charges (shared electrons) are free to move Physics 122 Conductivity in a metal is complicated – and involves the quantum nature...
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