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Assignment 1 - SIT253 Assignment 01 Game Audio Asset...

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SIT253 – Assignment 01 Game Audio Asset Creation (Due: 11:59pm Wednesday 3 rd of August 2011) Overview The goal of this assignment is for students to demonstrate their understanding of the process for designing and creating audio content for computer games. In this assignment students will be required to create a variety of appropriate audio assets for a game scenario. In designing and creating the audio content for your game, you are expected to: create various sound effects (using both Foley and field recording); environmental effects; voice overs; and music. A discussion on your experience in creating these assets should also be presented. Scenario for Assignment The game design scenario which students are required to design for can be described as a third person action game, set on a farm/ countryside scene. The game is called ‘Rural Apocalypse’ and is based around the main character called ‘Farmer Bob’. Farmer Bob leads a quiet life, until one day when the countryside turns nasty. Zombies of long dead humans and animals rise from the dead and go on a mission to destroy Bob’s rural paradise. It is up to Bob to find the secrets to destroy the zombies, and return from the apocalypse! The following are some images for inspiration: Environment Pictures – Before Zombie (BZ) Environment Pictures – After Zombie (AZ) Character Pictures – Before Zombies (AZ) Character Pictures – After Zombies (AZ)
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Assignment 1 - SIT253 Assignment 01 Game Audio Asset...

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