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SIT253 Practical 3 2011

SIT253 Practical 3 2011 - S IT253 P ractical 3 Sound Design...

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SIT253 – Practical 3 Sound Design This practical is for ON campus and OFF campus students Submission Please save your work on each practical! Get your tutor to check your work at the end of your practical class, and then your attendance for the practical class will be marked off. Off campus students can submit their practical work each week to Sophie McKenzie ([email protected]). We continue this week with audio manipulation and creation using Audacity. Part A – Audio Manipulation and Creation 1. View the YouTube clip as loaded into DSO ‘The red button’. 2. Play this clip without audio. 3. Design an audio asset list of the components required in this clip, note down the specific in an excel spreadsheet. An audio assets list example is also attached in DSO . 4. Create some of the sounds or music that you think might appear with the clip. Play when running the clip and see if it works. 5. Show your asset list to the tutor.
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