Lecture5 - Planning your 3D creation

Lecture5 - Planning your 3D creation - 1 Lecture 5 Planning...

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Unformatted text preview: 8/9/2011 1 Lecture 5: Planning your Lecture 5: Planning your 3D Creation 3D Creation SIT253 SIT253 – Audio and Visual Games Audio and Visual Games Elements Elements Sophie McKenzie School of Information Technology Faculty of Science and Technology Trimester 2, 2011 Announcements • Assignment 2 released • Assignment 1 under review – Expect Results end of next week via your DEAKIN ema email • E ‐ Portfolio?? • Workshop Week! – 31 st of August (Week 8) – Collaboration at Burwood only Readings • Chapter 5 & 6, ‘ Game Story & Character Development ’, Krawczyk and Novak. • Chapter 5, ‘Game Character Development’, Anthony Ward Anthony Ward Last Week • Visual Design • Composition • Interactive Context This Week • Character Design – Archetypes – Character concept and construction – Expression and emotion • Character Backstory • Character Growth • Relationships • Character Aesthetics • Character Movement Creation • Generally artists in the industry invent by instinct and imitation • Originality, inventiveness and consistently competitive creations are rare are rare • The character designer covers everything in the production of prototypes and final versions of everything from small secondary creatures to the heroine. 8/9/2011 2 What is a character? • A combination of features and traits that form the individual nature of a person or thing • Generally refers only to game objects that are intended to be biologically alive or mimic life (ie a robot) • Can be sentient and aware of the plot or simple and instinctive such as a wild anima instinctive such as a wild animal • Characters are what the audience/user follows and engages with emotionally • Character is what ensures that a story is worth reading or watching or playing • Player Characters, Non ‐ player characters, Bosses, enemies, helpers, animals, fantasy creature, licensed characters, historical characters, mythical characters. Early character design • Early visual art and expression was the foundation of religion and storytelling • Mythology relied on these to teach behaviour, attitudes and morality in tribal communitie attitudes and morality in tribal communities • The Deities and other entities were the first characters and their likenesses emerged in painting and sculpture (idols and totems) and in ceremonial masks and puppets used to represent the other world Historically speaking • Early imagery both 2D and 3D was premised on observations of the physical world using basic art ‐ making technologies • The origin of “style” was as much a product of imagination as it was a result of the available technology i.e. pigments applied to a cave wall with fingers or sticks have a certain characteristic line quality • Pigment sprayed from the mouth to a rocky surface creates tonal • Pigment sprayed from the mouth to a rocky surface creates tonal variations in the colour Historically speaking • The quality, quantity, availability and...
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Lecture5 - Planning your 3D creation - 1 Lecture 5 Planning...

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