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SIT 151 Ass2 - Game Overview Game genre/type The game will...

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Game Overview Game genre/type The game will be designed that as named as Sword & Sorcery. It will be designed as a Role-playing game. Although it is a RPG but it does not emphasize the tactical and logistical. Basically it will emphasize the operation and reaction speed. Also it contains upgrade system and equipment sets that most RPG games have. Upgrade system will likely be seen in the single player campaign, but will not be in the multiplayer game. But the good point: Finely tuned, fast-paced fighting action expertly combines depth and accessibility. The players will never add level with a drab, as dry as a chip feeling. It contains the features of RPG and Adventure games. Game setting and story The game is based on an imaginary world and all the stories are happened in a fabled land called “Middle-earth”. Actually most of the basic Settings are come from “The Lord of the Rings”. Middle-earth is the fictional setting of the majority of author J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy writings. Tolkien had written multiple times that Middle-earth is located on our Earth. (BBC 1971) It is been described it has an imaginary period in earth’s past and it is about 6000 years before our time. The story was happened in N.W. Europe. It is the time of magic and heroes. Languages and peoples Ainur The Ainur were angelic beings created by god. Their language is different from human’s language. They create a language called “Eä”. It is also the language of magic. They also have unlimited life. The greatest Ainur were called Valar. But a
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Valar called Melkor betrayed the God and later called Morgoth. It has been called The Dark Lord. Elves The Elves are known as the first born of god. There are many different clans of Elves. But the main distinction is between the Calaquendi or Light Elves and the Moriquendi or Dark Elves. Originally elves all spoke the same Common Eldarin ancestral tongue, but after the long separation of thousands of years it diverged into different languages. The two main Elven languages were Quenya, spoken by the Light Elves, and Sindarin, spoken by the Sindar, the Dark Elves who stayed behind in Beleriand as mentioned above. Physically the Elves resemble humans almost identically; indeed, they are arguably the same species, as they can marry and have children (though this is extremely rare and the Half-Elven are very famous as a result). The Elves are very agile and quick-footed. They are generally somewhat taller than Men. They are also extremely coordinated. Their ears are pointed only to a slight extent. Though they can
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SIT 151 Ass2 - Game Overview Game genre/type The game will...

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