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sit151 ass - SIT 151 Assignment Program Subtitle etc....

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Character etc. Map etc. Subtitle etc. Music etc. 2D 3D Text Sound Visual System Renderer Game Program SIT 151 Assignment The game will be designed that as named as Sword & Sorcery. It will be designed as a Role- playing game. In this game, it will create several contents. First of all, there are the different races. This game creates different races that players can have many choices. The player can choose different races to be their character. Also, it has different jobs for the character. Each race has the different main plot. The game interface will be designed. It is a Third-person view game. The Third-Person View Angle provides better assistance to individual gamers than the Correlated View Angle. The Level Design is been created. The game will get harder and harder in each level. It will contain the game structure. It contains 3D models, NPC Design. The game is based on an imaginary world and all the stories are happened in a fabled land called “Middle-earth”. The map is created in this game. It includes the Middle-earth and the Elf Island. It includes the forests, rivers, lakes, oceans, mountains, chasms and deserts. The map has six major parts. The map includes central forest areas, west and east human lands, Dark Lord land in the desert and chasm, Dwarves land in southwest plateaus and the Elf Island. First of all, it will be designed as five races. The Ainur, Elves, Men, Dwarves, Ents and evil
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sit151 ass - SIT 151 Assignment Program Subtitle etc....

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