In work - Rawr I am a dino <3 She could feel him throb as...

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Rawr I am a dino <3 She could feel him throb as he rubbed up and down her ass. Clothes separated skin from skin, but she felt more exposed then she had with any other man. They had never touched each other before that night, they were pressed between friends, yet what they were doing was pushing them even closer. His arm wrapped around her waist and began to explore behind her waist band. She bit her lip nervous at waking the others around them. He was focused on her and she was focus on keeping quiet. Things were never the same after that night, and both knew it. Time passed and in that same basement they laid together, but she was trying to keep them apart while he just wanted to get closer and closer. The basement was dark again and the television only lit up bits and pieces. She jumped again in fear and he laughed reaching over playfully and giving her a shove. She hid behind her dark brown hair and pretended to shove him back angry, but the smile on her face wouldn't leave. Her insides were fighting, she so badly wanted to just stay friends with this man, but something about his smile and how his green eyes just lit up mad it so she just couldn't stay away. She grabbed the pillow that he had been propped up on and hugged it tightly to her chest trying to find some comfort from the horror that kept popping up on screen. He
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scowled at her and ran a hand through his short blond hair trying to appear upset that he had lost his comfortable position, but she had removed the only thing separating the two of them, and he was not going to pass this up. The blond man moved closer to her and slid one hand between the brunettes stomach and the pillow giving her a cheesy smile. She scowled at him and surrendered the pillow and crossed her arms over her chest trying to ignore how his touch had effected her. Leaning over he whispered gently in her ear his warm breath tickling the shell of
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In work - Rawr I am a dino <3 She could feel him throb as...

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