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Unformatted text preview: x)replacesoxygenwithsulfur. Subgroup Group Name Drawn Prefix + Primary  NH3 Secondary Ammoniumion Tertiary Carboxylateion  Carboxylicacid   Alcohol Primary  Secondary Amine Tertiary        ammonio ammoniumion or NR2H+  NR3+ Quaternary  or NRH2+ Suffix Halogen or COO or CO2  or COOHor CO2H  OH  NH2 or NRH  NR2  F  Cl  Br  I BondRoots Nameinthisorder Name Drawn Root Single C C an Double C=C en Triple  yn  oateion carboxyl oicacid hydroxy ol amino amine fluoro chloro bromo iodo     Aromatic phenyl orC6H5or Ph None   Subgroupdesignationdoesnotappearinname. Itisonlyusedtodifferentiateinclassesofcompounds.   e # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  #ofgroup # Prefix 1 Mono 2 Di 3 Tri 4 Tetra CarbonChain AlwaysaSubstituentgroup GroupPrefix Short Formula Methyl  Me  CH3 Ethyl  Et  C2H5 Propyl  Pr  C3H7 Butyl  Bu  C4H9 Pentyl   C5H11 Hexyl   C6H13 Heptyl   C7H15 Octyl   C8H17 Nonyl   C9H19 Decyl   C10H21  Cyclic compounds Use prefix cyclo on chain Substituent Chains (R) Risacarbonchain Cingroupispartoflongestchain RwithNisnamedasN...
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