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Hbr hydrobromicacid i iodideion hi hydroiodicacid

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Unformatted text preview: (II)(nickelous)ion Ni3+ Nickel(III)(nickelic)ion CopperGroup(charge=+1&+2or+3) Cu+ Copper(l)(cuprous)ion Cu2+ Copper(II)(cupric)ion Ag+ Silver(I)(argentous)ion Au+ Gold(I)(aurous)ion Au3+ Gold(III)(auric)ion ZincGroup(charge=+2) Zn2+ Zincion Cd2+ Cadmiumion Hg22+ Mercury(I)(mercurous)ion Hg2+ Mercury(II)(mercuric)ion Anions(negativeions)  Acids (H+andanion) Specialions (Neutralincharge) H Hydrideion O22 Peroxideion N3 Azide ion CN Cyanideion  HCN HydrocyanicAcid MonoatomicAnions(charge=18 group#)   Halogens,Group17(charge= 1) F Fluorideion  HF Hydrofluoricacid Cl Chlorideion   HCl Hydrochloricacid Br Bromideion  HBr Hydrobromicacid I Iodideion HI Hydroiodicacid Chalcogens,Group16(charge= 2) O2 Oxideion  ... H2O Water S2 Sulfideion  H2S Hydrosulfuricacid Se2 SelenideIon  Pnictogen,Group15(charge= 3)  3 N Nitrideion   P3 Phosphideion  As3 Arsenideion   Oxoanions Oxoacids Lowerperiods(charge=8 group#orbaseion)  CIO Hypochloriteion  HCIO Hypochlorousacid CIO2 Chloriteion  HCIO2 Chlorousacid CIO3 Chlorateion  HCIO3 Chloricacid ClO4 Perchlorateion  HClO4 Perchloricacid SO32 Sulfiteion  H2SO3 Sulfurousacid SO42 Sulfateion  H2SO4 Sulfuric...
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