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Methylamine ch3nh2 dichloromethane ch2cl2 propyne

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Unformatted text preview: (chain) RwithOisnamedwithout# Formulas Start with CnH2n+2 SubstituentGroups=subtractoneH.ForeachC Cpibond(pastasinglebond)=subtracttwoH.Eachring,cyclic=subtracttwoH. SubstituentchainshavestructuresCnH2n+2likemainchainbutlessoneH(CnH2n+ 1)foritsconnectiontothemainchain.  SimpleExamples: Model:Prefix+root+(#)functionalgroup CH3CH2CHOHCH3=but+an+2 ol=butan 2 ol. &the1wouldbeomitted.Oralso:2 butanol or  2 hydroxy+but+an+e=2 hydroxybutaneisalsoacceptable(moreexamplesbelow). CH3CH2CH(CH3)CH3=but+an+ewithameth+ylsubstitue  methylbutane.2 methylbutaneisapentaneisomer. CH3CH2N(CH3)2=N,N dimethylethylamine.Oralso:N,N dimethylaminoethane. CH3CH2OCH3=meth+oxy+ethane=methoxyethane.Oralso:methylethylether.   Common Formula Representations Example (ethanol) C2H6O CH3CH2OH Name MolecularFormula CondensedFormula  Struct...
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