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Unformatted text preview: acid PO33 Phosphiteion  H3PO3 Phosphorousacid PO43 Phosphateion  H3PO4 Phosphoricacid 4 SiO4 Silicateion   Topperiod(charge=6 group#orbaseion+2)  NO2  Nitriteion  HNO2 Nitrousacid NO3 Nitrateion  HNO3 Nitricacid CO32 Carbonateion   H2CO3 CarbonicAcid OrganicAnions  2 C2O4 Oxalateion  H2C2O4 Oxalicacid CHO2 Formateion  CHO2H Formicacid C2H3O2 Acetateion  C2H3O2H Aceticacid NCO Cyanate ion  HOCN CyanicAcid TransitionMetal(charge=8 metalgroup#)  TiO44 Titanateion   2 CrO4 Chromateion   H2CrO4 Chromicacid Cr2O72 Dichromateion   H2Cr2O7 (Di)Chromicacid  MnO4 Permanganateion  Thioxyanions(replaceOwithS,samecharge)  S2O32  Thiosulfateion  H2S2O3 Thiosulfuricacid SCN  Thiocyanateion  HNCS  ThiocyanicAcid Combanions(hydrogenion+anion,sumcharges)  OH Hydroxideion   HS Hydrogensulfideion   HSO4  Hydrogensulfate(bisulfate)ion   HPO42  (Mono)hydrogenphosphateion   H2PO4 Dihydrogenphosphate(biphosphate)ion  HCO3  Hydrogencarbonate(bicarbonate)ion      Functional G...
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