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Rubidiumion cs cesiumion alkalineearthsgroup2charge2

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Unformatted text preview: u1+ Au3+ Hg22+ Hg2+ Tl1+ Tl3+ Pb2+ Pb4+ Bi3+ Bi5+ Po At Rn Copper Group +1 & +2 or +3 Inert Pair Group Group # & Group #  2 Common Ions and Acids Cations(positiveions) Specialions H+ Hydrogenion(proton) NH4+ Ammoniumion MainGroupIons(charge=Group#) AlkalineMetals,Group1(charge=+1) Li+ Lithiumion Na+ Sodiumion K+ Potassiumion Rb+ Rubidiumion Cs+ Cesiumion AlkalineEarths,Group2(charge=+2) Be2+ Berylliumion Mg2+ Magnesiumion Ca2+ Calciumion Sr2+ Strontiumion Ba2+ Bariumion Group3(charge=+3) AI3+ Aluminumion InertpairIons(Group#&Group# 2) Sn2+ Tin(II)(stannous)ion Sn4+ Tin(IV)(stannic)ion Pb2+ Lead(II)(plumbous)ion Pb4+ Lead(IV)(plumbic)ion Sb3+ Antimony(III)(antimonous)ion Sb5+ Antimony(V)(antimonic)ion Bi3+ Bismuth(III)(bismuthous)ion Bi5+ Bismuth(V)(bismuthic)ion Transitionmetalions Group3 5(Charge=Group#) Y3+ Yttrium ion Ti4+ Titanium ion Zr4+ Zirconiumion V5+ Vanadiumion IronGroup(charge=+2&+3) Cr2+ Chromium(II)(chromous)ion Cr3+ Chromium(III)(chromic)ion Mn2+ Manganese(II)(manganous)ion Mn3+ Manganese(III)(manganic)ion Fe2+ Iron(II)(ferrous)ion Fe3+ Iron(III)(ferric)ion Co2+ Cobalt(II)(cobaltous)ion Co3+ Cobalt(III)(cobaltic)ion Ni2+ Nickel...
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