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Paper 1 MWF - specific enough to be discussed in a...

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Mathew Goldberg English 20 Paper 1 – Reacting to Authority For your first paper assignment, selected two of the essays we have studied this unit and discuss how they handle the theme of rebellion. Compare and contrast what types of rebellion the authors engage in, their motivations, their goals, and the environments against which they rebel. Consider a few of the following questions: Would the authors agree with each other’s forms of rebellion? Does one type of rebellion affect greater social (or individual) change? Are the authors advocating rebelling for a cause or for some other reason? Is writing about rebellion an act of rebellion in-and-of itself? Your analysis should include the following: 1. An introduction that includes the authors’ full names, the title of the essays, and a clear thesis statement. A thesis makes an assertion about the text and should be
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Unformatted text preview: specific enough to be discussed in a well-focused essay. Your thesis should indicate how the prompt you have chosen to analyze relates to the central idea of the works you have chosen. 2. Several body paragraphs that support your central assertion. Each of these paragraphs should be well-developed, coherent, and focused on a clear topic sentence. Incorporate quotations from the essays to support your ideas then comment on the quotations by how they support your assertions and relate to your overall thesis. 3. A conclusion that communicates your thesis in a new way and emphasizes the importance of your topic to the reader. Use a quote from the text, or leave the reader a question to think about. Draft Due: 9/16 (3 copies) Final Paper Due: 9/21 (1 copy)...
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