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Problem+Set+1 - 7 Calculate the absolute humidity of an air...

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HYD 141 Dr. Carlos Puente FALL 2011 Problem Set 1 Due: Wednesday, October 5 “Remember when discoursing about water to adduce first experience and then reason”—da Vinci 1. Problem 1.3 2. Problem 1.4 3. Problem 1.5 4. Problem 1.8 5. A city is supplied by water from a 1500-ha catchment area. The average water consumption of the community is 50,000 m 3 day –1 . The annual precipitation in the region is 480 cm. A river with an average annual flow of 0.38 m 3 s -1 originates in and flows out of the catchment area. If the net annual groundwater outflow from the area is equivalent to a 16-cm depth of water, what is the evapotranspiration loss in cubic meters per year, which, if exceeded, would cause a shortage of the water supply to the community? Assume that the storage of water in the area at the beginning and at the end of the year is equal. 6. Given the amount of fresh water on earth, why are there droughts? Is there any relation with Irene?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Calculate the absolute humidity of an air mass that has a relative humidity of 35% and a temperature of 88 o F. 8. What is the density in kilograms per cubic meter of (a) dry air at 29 o C and a pressure of 890 mb? (b) moist air with a relative humidity of 70% at the same temperature and pressure? 9. Problem 4.3. Enlarge the map, place it on grid paper and then patiently count. (Note that the station A inside the catchment should be named J instead). 10. Investigate on the internet about the unequal distribution of water on our planet. Report your findings and comment on possible solutions to the crisis. Is global climate change an issue? 11. Investigate on the internet about extreme precipitation in the past twenty years. Are extreme events becoming more extreme? 12. Investigate on the internet about the ARkstorm project. Would you be concerned being at Davis....
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