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PS1 Exercises 1 to 4 1.3 The storage existing in a river reach at a given time is 13 acre-ft, and at the same time, the inflow to the reach is 450 cfs and the outflow is 500 cfs. One hour later, the inflow is 500 cfs and the output is 530 cfs. Calculate the change in storage during the hour in cubic meters and acre-feet. 1.4 The annual evaporation from a lake is found to be 125cm. If the lake’s surface area is 12 km 2 , what is
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Unformatted text preview: the daily evaporation rate in centimeters and inches? 1.5 If a vertical-walled reservoir having a surface area of 1 mi 2 receives an inflow of 12 cfs, how long will it take to raise the reservoir level by 6 in.? 1.8 The storage in a reach of river is 20,000 m 3 at a given time. Determine the storage 1 hr later if the average rates of inflow and outflow during the hour are 20 and 18 m 3 /s, respectively....
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