a2 - Assignment 2 Game Playing February 1 2011 Instructor...

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Assignment 2: Game Playing February 1, 2011 Instructor: Hassan Khosravi Spring 2011 CMPT 310 Due February 21st at 11:45pm This assignment can be done in teams of two or individually. Important Note: The university policy on academic dishonesty (cheating) will be taken very seriously in this course. You may not discuss the specific questions in this assignment, nor their solutions with any other student. You may not provide or use any solution, in whole or in part, to or by another student. You are encouraged to discuss the general concepts involved in the questions in the context of completely different problems. If you are in doubt as to what constitutes acceptable discussion, please ask! Further, please take ad- vantage of office hours offered by the instructor and the TA if you are having difficulties with this assignment. Part 0: Starting Out Download the Java backgammon code from the course website. Compile the code, and try running the driver program Bg.class to play a game by yourself. Part 1: Implement Expectiminimax Search Create a new class ExpectiminimaxBackgammonAgent.java , a subclass of BackgammonAgent.java , that performs minimax search. You will need 1
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a2 - Assignment 2 Game Playing February 1 2011 Instructor...

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