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chromaconc - Chromatography Lab Conclusion In this lab we...

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Unformatted text preview: Chromatography Lab Conclusion In this lab, we were separating pigments with cellulose paper chromatography for the purpose of seeing what pigments are in chloroplasts. This was done by rubbing off part of a spinach leaf onto cellulose paper. We used a leaf because photosynthesis happens in the chloroplasts of leaves. These chloroplasts contain a few pigments that absorb some frequencies of visible light and reflect green light (attributing to the color of the leaves). We used cellulose paper to separate the pigments by a process called chromatography. First we rubbed part of the leaf onto the cellulose paper like said above and microwaved it numerous times to rid it of water. Then we cut it so that the chromatography paper would not touch the bottom of whatever beaker it was to be placed in. We quickly poured in the solvent, _________, and capped the beaker because this particular solvent has a high rate of evaporation. Afterwards, we were to wait until the solvent front was about a centimeter from the top of the paper, or when the solvent stopped...
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