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Enzyme Catalysis Lab Questions 1) When hydrogen peroxide decomposes, water (H 2 o) and oxygen gas (O 2 ) are dispersed into the environment along with heat. Bubbles are observed in this experiment because oxygen gas and water are released through the formation of bubbles in the tubes. The later catalase was added to the tubes, the more bubbles the tubes reproduced. Hence, the latter tubes had less remaining hydrogen peroxide, less intense brown-red iodide colors, and smaller absorbencies than the earlier tubes. If we were to boil the enzyme solution before adding it to peroxide, the enzymes would be inactive, because high temperatures cause proteins to denature. 2) The color intensity of the assay solutions decreased with time because as time increases, concentration of hydrogen peroxide decreases. More unused hydrogen peroxide gives the solution in the tubes a less intense brown-red iodide color. There is a lesser concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the latter tubes because the catalase
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