number2 - 2 19 overview 19.1 19.2(359-370 A Compare the...

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2) 19 overview, 19.1, 19.2 (359-370) A. Compare the arrangement of DNA in a eukaryotic chromosome with that in a prokaryotic chromosome. (Study Fig 19.2, p 361) chromatin histone nucleosome looped domain heterochromatin euchromatin B. What is the significance of the heterochromatin chromosome configuration? Relate the level of chromatin packing to interphase C. Identify the two problems of gene control in eukaryotes. differentiation D. Describe the role of methylation and histone acetylation in gene regulation. E. Diagram and explain the functions of regulatory segments of DNA associated with a eukaryotic gene. promoter proximal and distal control elements enhancers activators repressors and silencers DNA binding domain F. Compare the arrangement of functionally related genes on eukaryotic chromosomes to the arrangement of genes in prokaryotic operons. How might these scattered genes be coordinated? G. Describe the possible ways gene expression might be controlled during the following: alternative splicing, RNA processing, mRNA degradation, control of translation, processing of polypeptide products after translation, proteasomes, A) Prokaryotic Eukaryotic -Does not have nucleosomes. -Circular DNA
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number2 - 2 19 overview 19.1 19.2(359-370 A Compare the...

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