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6) 10.4 (195-198) A. Describe the manufacture of carbohydrate during the Calvin cycle (carbon fixation). RuBP PGAL (PGAL stands for phosphoglyceraldehyde. The book uses the alternative name “glyceraldehyde phosphate”. You will need to remember this if you read the book’s explanation of the Calvin cycle.) B. How do C 4 plants circumvent photorespiration? How does the cellular anatomy (called Kranz anatomy) of these plants assist in the process? bundle sheath cells mesophyll cells PEP carboxylase C. Describe the mechanism that CAM plants use to allow them to close their stomata in the daytime without resulting photorespiration. D. Now that you have finished reading about photosynthesis, summarize all of the energy transformations that occur within the process. Example: conversion of radiant energy to energy in excited electrons. A) Carbon-Fixation -3 carbon dioxides enter the calvin cycle. -they are fixed by RuBP , a 5-carbon chain by an enzyme called rubisco . -This makes an unstable 6 carbon intermediate with 1 phosphate. -Because each 6-carbon intermediate is unstable, it immediately breaks apart into 6 3-carbons. Reduction -Each e-carbon compound receives an extra phosphate group from 6 ATP and a pair of electrons from NADPH making 3GP. [3 molecules of CO2=6 molecules of 3GP] -1 G3P exits the cycle to be used by the rest of the plant. The other 5 continue through the cycle.
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ohboytheend - 6) 10.4 (195-198) A. Describe the manufacture...

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