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1) 35 overview, 38.2, 35.1 (717-721, 776-780) A. Discuss the pollination and double fertilization of angiosperms. B. Describe the development of a seed from the ovule. Diagram a typical eudicot and a typical monocot seed, labeling seed coat , embryo , hypocotyls , radicle , epicotyl , and coleoptile . C. What is the strict definition and functions of the “fruit”? Describe and diagram the development of a simple, aggregate and multiple fruit and give examples. D. What factors are required to maintain and to break seed dormancy? E. Diagram and label the germination of a monocot and a dicot seed. F. Identify the various tissues of a young stem and discuss their functions. Distinguish between the arrangements in eudicot stems and monocot stems. parenchyma , collenchyma , sclerenchyma , epidermis , vascular bundles , xylem , phloem , pith . A) Polination and Double Fertiliazation -After landing on a stigma, pollen gains moisture and germinates. -produces a pollen tube that extends down between cells of style toward the ovary. -Nucleus of generative cell divides by mitosis and forms 2 sperm cells. -They are directed to the end of the pollen tube to enter the ovary through the microphyle and discharge 2 sperm near/within embryo sac. -1 sperm goes to zygote. -Other combines with 2 polar nuclei to form a triploid 3n nucleus in the center of embryonic sac giving rise to the endosperm which stores food and nutrients. [holds sugar of the plant] -prevents union of 2 sperms with 1 ova. -Endosperm develops only in ovules where egg was fertilized, preventing angiosperms from squandering nutrients for nothing. B) Structure of a Mature Seed -last stages of maturation, seed dehydrates until its water content is only 5-15% of its weight. -Embryo, surrounded by a food supply [cotyledons, endosperm, or both] becomes dormant. -Stops growing, and its metabolism nearly ceases. -Embryo and food supply are enclosed by a hard protective seed coat formed from integuments of the ovule. Eudicot Garden Bean -Embryo = elongate structure - Hypocotyl = below point that cotyledons are attached at. -Terminates in the Radicle = embryonic root. -
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PLANTSHELL1 - 1 35 overview 38.2 35.1(717-721 776-780 A...

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