SG 1 - Read Population genetics and evolution pgs 43-46,...

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Read “Population genetics and evolution” pgs 43-46, lab guide DO Lab 8 LabBench tutorial, on Print quiz, bring for stamp. 1) 23 overview, 23.1, 23.2, 23.3 (454-462) Note: We will discuss how the Hardy-Weinberg Theorem was derived and how to use it in class. For now, focus on the study guide prompts. A. Describe the formation of population genetics and its relation to the modern synthesis. Define the important terms related to these fields: population gene pool allele frequency B. Summarize the significance of the Hardy-Weinberg Theorem. In what was is this “theoretical work” different from Mendel’s experiments. C. Write out the Hardy-Weinerg equation and describe what each symbol represents. D. Relate the sources of genetic variation in a population to your understanding of Mendelian and population genetics. Discuss mutation and subsequent distribution of new genes through recombination. E. Campbell says that each of five potential agents of microevolution is a deviation from one of the Hardy- Weinberg conditions for equilibrium. Explain what he means for each of the following: genetic drift (including bottleneck and founder effects) gene flow mutation nonrandom mating natural selection A Darwin -Defined evolution as a change in species over time. -Had no explanations for how heritable variations for natural selection appear in populations or how organisms transmit these variations to offspring or how they are maintained. Mendel
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SG 1 - Read Population genetics and evolution pgs 43-46,...

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