SG@ - 2) 23.4, 463-470, skip sexual selection: 468-469) A....

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2) 23.4, 463-470, skip “sexual selection: 468-469) A. Discuss the types of variation that exist within and between populations: morph / polymorphism geographical variation cline B. Discuss the concept of fitness . Suppose a type of tropical fish with bright blue markings produces 200 eggs per season. Fish of the same species but with a genetic variation that produces brown markings produce 120 eggs per season. What is the relative fitness ? C. Justify the statement, “natural selection acts on phenotype, not genotype.” D. Distinguish among stabilizing selection, directional selection, and diversifying (disruptive) selection. E. Discuss how variation is maintained within a population through diploidy and balanced polymorphisms . Include the mechanisms that produce polymorphisms: heterozygote advantage and frequency-dependent selection. F. Speculate on the idea of neutral variation . Please do not use words like “purpose” in your answer. Why do you think I said that? G. Reflect on the question, “Does evolution fashion perfect organisms?” A) Polymorphism - Morph s-individuals that differ in a discrete character [allele/trait] -Polymorphism happens when a population has two or more distinct morphs represented enough to have noticeable frequencies. -Population of red and white wildflowers. -distinct character= color [red vs. white] Genetic Polymorphism -Polymorphisms for alleles at several loci that affect one phenotype. [height] Geographic Variation -Differences between gene pools of separate poplulations and population subgroups. -Environment differs from location to another.
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SG@ - 2) 23.4, 463-470, skip sexual selection: 468-469) A....

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