26 - A) Simple Diffusion -Simple diffusion is when a...

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A) Simple Diffusion -Simple diffusion is when a solute/substance, or small ion or charged molecule flows through the lipid bilayer as it goes down its concentration gradient, meaning that a population of solute goes from areas of high solute concentration to areas of low solute concentration. Facilitated Diffusion -Facilitated Diffusion is diffusion, which, like simple diffusion, is also passive transport, but utilizes the aid of proteins to push certain polar or charged ions down their concentration gradients. -There are 2 types of transport proteins. -Channel proteins -Hydrophilic tunnel for certain hydrophilic substances or ions to pass through. -Although water can go through the membrane by osmosis, it is much faster and more efficient for water to use aquaporins to go down its concentration gradient. This is because the inside of the phospholipid bilayer is hydrophobic, thus making it more difficult for polar molecules to diffuse through. - Ion channels are also channel proteins that transport ions by opening and closing due to electric and chemical stimuli . -Carrier proteins are proteins that change shape in order to move a solute from one side of the membrane to the other side. This change pushes the solute out. -Facilitated diffusion and simple diffusion are both forms of passive transport, because the solutes still flow down their concentration gradients. The protein in facilitated diffusion DOES NOT change the direction of diffusion (which would need energy), it
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26 - A) Simple Diffusion -Simple diffusion is when a...

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