28 - A Cell Division-to repair and renew somatic cells and...

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A) Cell Division -to repair and renew somatic cells and gametes, by duplicating chromosomes, and passing on DNA to daughter cells. Genetic material is organized into Chromosomes, which are made out of chromatin, or complexes of DNA and proteins that help maintain activity of genes and structure of chromosomes . The Chromosomes are duplicated before cell division, to make one chromosome with 2 chromatids held together (when condensed and coiled) by the centromere. Somatic cells are all cells disregarding sex cells called gametes. Somatic Cells have 46 chromosomes, with 2 sets of 23 from each parent. Gametes have half as many chromosomes as Somatic cells, with only 23 chromosomes. B) Interphase -The phase before mitosis begins that prepares the cell for division by letting it grow with production of proteins and cytoplasmic organelles, and by copying chromosomes. G 1 Phase -Cell grows S Phase -Chromosomes are duplicated, but not yet condensed. This is the longest part of he longest phase of mitosis. G 2 Phase -Cell finishes up growing, and the centrosome is replicated to produce two centrioles for microtubules to branch out of. Mitosis-Division of 1 nucleus in the parent cell into 2 nuclei in 2 daughter cells. -Interphase (G1, S, G2), and 5 phases: prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase. (See part D). Cytokinesis - Division of cytoplasm during/after telophase, the last cycle of mitosis. -Microfilament networks of interacting myosin and actin form a cytoplasmic groove between 2 potential daughter cells, and force the “sol” of the cytoplasm outwards. (Pseudopodia) -The furrow deepens as myosin an actin contract, forcing the sol outwards, until the groove cuts between the 2 daughter cells, as they are being pulled away from
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28 - A Cell Division-to repair and renew somatic cells and...

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