Challenges of Independent Work

Challenges of Independent Work - for the children to...

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Challenges of Independent Work The problem I selected for a teacher is: collecting, correcting, recording, and returning seatwork assignments. My strategy for addressing this sort of problem is making sure to have an efficient weekly routine in effect for myself first and then the students. I will dedicate one to two nights a week for grading and recording the seat work assignments; therefore setting a set day of the week for returning the graded papers. This part of the routine the students will follow. The students will also have a routine for the collection of finished seat work; by putting the completed work in a basket near my desk or in the front of the classroom. This makes it easier
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Unformatted text preview: for the children to understand and what to expect from me. The problem I selected for students is how to know when to obtain the teachers help. If the student is stuck on a problem or forgot the explanation to the assignment; I would have a set routine for seeking assistance from the teacher. I will be looking over the class while they are doing their seatwork, periodically, and will have them raise their hand if they need my assistance. First though I would like for the student to try and obtain the answers themselves a little further before seeking assistance; making the work a little more independent....
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