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Engaging Disengaged Students - I would approach the...

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Engaging Disengaged Students ~ Elementary School Some of the strengths that I noticed in the lesson and the teacher’s behavior included the teacher reading the book to the class. I am sure she read the story enthusiastically if she was able to keep the interest of almost all of the class. Also having the students look up the definitions to the vocabulary words themselves is a great idea. It allows them to work independently and achieve the answers themselves. Drawing a picture after all of that hard work is like a treat to almost every child. It is a great way to end the lesson and reward the student for their hard work.
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Unformatted text preview: I would approach the disengaged students by asking them each if there is something wrong. If not, I would encourage them to get started on their vocabulary work; by offering a few encouraging comments such as “I know you know these words and probably do not even have to look up half of them in the dictionary” or “You are one the best artists in the class, don’t you want to get the chance to draw during class time”. I believe that encouraging these type of students with positive reinforcers is the best first option; especially before offering an external reward....
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