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Monitoring Student Progress - assignment, the students are...

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Monitoring Student Progress The first strategy that I would use to monitor my student’s learning and understandin the in the classroom would be walking around the classrom. This strategy would transfer across multiple instructional situations because there will always be a student who needs guidance with the instructions initially given by the teacher about the assignment. Especially with elementary aged students. I as a teacher should not always expected my students to completely understand complex and some what tricky instructions. If I am walking around the classroom monitoring the work that is being done, regardless of what the subject or instructions were given about the
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Unformatted text preview: assignment, the students are more likely to complete the assignments correctly. If I am there to help instead of sitting at my desk, my students will be more likely to correct a problem or ask a question to better understand the assignment. The routine for collecting and checking classwork and homework is a great progress monitoring strategy. I would emphasize more with a monitor collecting the work and then putting the work into numerical order. This way each student is not aware of who the paper belongs to and later have the possibility to cause a problem. Again, this strategy would transfer across multiple instructional situations....
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